Salt Generators are Great! really?

  05/07/2013 at 13:01 pm

So your Pool Guy or Gal" says the $1200 gizzmo he wants to sell you is the greatest thing since Ozone. Well, Chlorine Generators should be taken with a grain of salt (well actually about 25 lbs for every 1000 gallons, about 300-900 lbs of Pool Grade Salt).

Think you don't need to buy chlorine again? That may be true but if your generator gets old, clogged up, or is under sized you will need chlorine shock and tablets to keep up with summer time swimmer and rain demand.
Not to mention that phosphate and calcium control is more important now that you have your own Chlorine Gas Factory in your backyard. Phosphates and calcium build up on the generating plates and foul them and destroy them. Proper cleaning involves dipping the cell into cleaning solutions like Filter Cleaner or Muriatic Acid(Hydrochloric Acid, Battery Acid).

We had a customer that said her pool guy said they "only needed salt". Maybe  in the next 6 months they will only need a new Chlorine Generator cell for $400-800, or like most salt pool owners a 50# bucket of tablets.

This isn't the first time this Salt Fad has popped up, in the 70's we had worn out and broken down Lectronators hanging on the fences (not working) and customers went back to regular chlorine sanitizer. 

By Darrin