03/25/2014 at 16:45 pm
Put the FUN back into owning a pool, spa or water feature with Zeobest Ultra and Midwest Pool & Spa Springfield Missouri

Zeobest Ultra is our patented, EPA registered, antimicrobial and anti-algae zeolite filter media for sand filters. We combine the outstanding attributes of our Zeobest zeolite mineral filter media with our EPA Registered Sanitect technology. 

Zeobest Ultra provides superior filtration capabilities down to 3 to 5 microns and possesses the highest Cation Exchange Capacity of any USA zeolite to remove or eliminate chloramine formation that causes chlorine odors and eye or skin irritation.

Our revolutionary Sanitect technology will keep your filter clean of the typical biological build-up and films that occurs in every filter. This biological build-up is why managing your pool’s water chemistry so challenging. Zeobest Ultra was tested against a full array of waterborne pathogens including bacteria, virus, cryptosporidium (parasite) and algae.

Save money by reducing your chemical consumption. Zeobest Ultra is safe and environmentally friendly.

EPA Reg. 70087-2 EPA Reg. 88999-1
Available at Midwest Pool & Spa 4213 S Nature Center Way Springfield MO 65804 417.888.2340
Zeobest Ultra Swimming Pool Filter Media with permanent Algae Killer 
By Darrin Downing