Deluxe Skimmer 0-2094-013 Skim-Line Beige Almond
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Deluxe Skimmer 0-2094-013 Skim-Line Beige Almond - Midwest Pool & Spa
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Deluxe Skimmer 0-2094-013 Skim-Line Beige Almond


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Skim-line Deluxe Skimmer in Almond Beige or Light Oak 02094013 with clear lid and complete return inlet kit

Current Model will fit all Pool made by Doughboy and Embassy 1972 - Today

Replaces Skim-Line Deluxe Part Number 0-2094-023. Will also replace Leslies Cambria & Sierra Falls Skimmer 32010100

Skimmer Replacement Parts:
1107-1356 Skimmer Lid Clear
1116-1045 Skimmer Basket Assembly
Consisting of:
321-1002 Basket Handle
340-1139 Skimmer Basket
340-2032 Skimmer Cover Light Oak
1121-1703 Skimmer Body Light Oak
340-1248 Support Brace (2)
340-1028 Vacuum Port Cover
340-1271 Vac Port Cover Retainer Almond
330-1008 Screw 8x1/2" (4)
340-1253 Vacuum Hose Adapter Almond
330-1004 Screw Faceplate 12x27/32" (15)
340-1274 Faceplate Almond
307-1029 Gasket Faceplate Upper
307-1030 gasket Vac Port Lower
1119-1033 Weir Assembly Almond
Consisting of:
1119-1032 Weir Float
340-1173 Weir Hinge Almond
365-1850 Owners Manual
Warranty Card
360-1977 Operating Label
360-1795 Caution Label

Return Fitting Parts:
340-1238 Return Fitting Cover Almond
348-1027 Return Eyeball
340-1240 Shut off Disc Almond
340-1237 Return Fitting Adapter Almond
307-1031 Return Gasket U Style
340-1773 Return Fitting Body Almond
340-1278 Return Eyeball Insert Almond

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