• Balboa Sensor 32016 24" Temp / High Limit
Balboa Spa Sensor 32016 Temperature and Hi Limit Sensor for M-7 or VS Series Control Panels with Oring & Threaded Cap 24" Leads Bulb is 1/4"diameter Wire Plug is 2-pin Black, Factory Original Equipment, Same as Generic: HydroQuip#: 34-0202A-K, Poolcorp#: HQP-851-9025, Dynasty #: 11746, Use this handy chart to test the temperature sensors ohms reading at various temperatures. Use a digital meter with sharp points. Ohms Temperature, 14.1K 110F, 14.7K 108F, 15.4K 106F, 16.2K 104F, 17.2K 101F, 18.1K 99F, 20.2K 94F, 25.5K 84F, 30.0K 77F, 40.0K 65F, 55.0K 53F, 95.0K 32F

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Balboa Sensor 32016 24" Temp / High Limit

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